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Grandma's House Of Hope - An All-Encompassing Resource

In light of the fact that so many of our recent stories have been from individuals at Grandma's House of Hope, let's talk about how amazing of an organization they are!

Below is a snippet about GHOH's founder, Je'net Kreitner:

"Grandma’s House of Hope’s founder, Je’net Kreitner, became homeless with her young son after she found the courage to leave an abusive relationship. After three years of homelessness, due to the love and support of those around her, she was able to find healing and stable housing.

She opened a grassroots emergency shelter in 2004 with a 10-bed home for women experiencing trauma and abuse. We offered a safe respite for elderly women, a place for healing and rebuilding. We welcomed them into our homes and our hearts. Since then, our program has expanded to bring even deeper healing to the community—providing restorative housing to unhoused individuals, offering tools to heal the soul and mind, as well as delivering meals and educational enrichment for kids."

Here is a video from of Je'net Kreitner speaking about the founding of Grandma's House of Hope:

Grandma's House of Hope offers 3 distinct programs: Rescued & Restored Housing, Nana's Kidz, & HopeWorks!. Their Rescued & Restored housing provides "safe, confidential emergency and transitional shelter/housing" for women and men18+ who are experiencing homelessness and in need of trauma-informed care and support. The women and the men have separate houses, of course, but are given the same care & resources.

Their housing services cover:

  • Survivors of Violent Crimes

  • Survivors of Human Trafficking

  • Survivors of Trauma

  • Mental Health Challenges

  • Substance Abuse Disorders

  • Formerly Incarcerated Re-Entry Housing

  • Recovering from Illness (Acute or Chronic)

  • Hospice Care

  • Senior Supportive Micro-communities

If you are in need of housing or care at Grandma's House of Hope, feel free to use the listed resources :)

  • To speak to an Intake Specialist, call (714) 455-9528

  • To call GHOH's Administrative Offices, call (714) 558-8600

  • To email in a housing application, contact

  • To directly submit a housing form, click here

GHOH's second resource, Nana's Kidz, provides "healthy meals to children and families living in motels, low-income housing or experiencing homelessness, on weekends and during school breaks." Many children struggle to eat enough food on nonschool days, as they rely heavily on their school's cafeteria lunches, so Grandma's House of Hope has created Nana's Kidz to help these children in times of struggle. They have found that since the Covid-19 pandemic, this issue has skyrocketed & they went from serving 10,000 meals a month to serving more than 60,000.

In order to provide as much food as possible to these children, Grandma's House of Hope partners with 9 distribution sites across 5 Orange County cities - Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange, Fullerton, & Tustin.

In 2020, Nana's Kidz:

  • Expanded food bag distribution by 473%

  • Fed over 1,745 kids per month

  • Distributed 23,619 food bags containing 333,666 total meals to hungry children & families.

Lastly, GHOH's third resource, HopeWorks!, offers "at-risk youth after-school programs with tutoring, homework support, mentorship, & exposure to STEAM activities". They also offer adult education, early childhood development, and health/wellness classes. HopeWorks! Education and Enrichment Center (HWEEC) is located at a very low-income section 8 housing complex in Anaheim. Its address is 206 N State College Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92806.

To volunteer as a tutor at HopeWorks! or to donate STEAM supplies, contact

For more information on any of Grandma's House of Hope's programs, click here :)

I also wanted to give a big thanks to Grandma's House of Hope for posting Tressa's story on their website! It means a lot that our work is making a difference in the world & we are so beyond excited to work with you more!

Stay tuned for more individual stories from people at GHOH over the next few weeks :)

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Aug 05, 2022

The Founder of Grandma's House, Je'net Kreitner, is an AMAZING Human Being. I am in AWE. It requires remarkable courage to leave a habitually abusive relationship (1) at all; (2) decades ago, when FAR less resources were available; (3) when she was already 36; (4) with a small child; (5) but NO savings, income, friends or family to provide Shelter from the Storm. No One No Where. Alone. UNABLE to FEED YOUR CHILD. I honestly do not know how Je'net could survive that - and to turn that horrific experience into the FANTASTIC resources of Grandma's House of Hope and her children's meals programs requires enormous strength, soul, and vision! I am truly humbled.

Rather than stand struck dumb by…


Ed Zappia
Ed Zappia
Aug 05, 2022

What a great place and service provided by Grandma’s and ProjectWHY.


Aug 04, 2022

Oh my goodness!! I had no idea grandmas house of hope was SUCH a reliable resource for individuals experiencing homelessness!! I would for sure reach out to them if I needed help!


Aug 04, 2022

Wow! Grandma’s House of Hope offers so many incredible resources! Thank you!

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