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Mental Health Association of Orange County

The Mental Health Association of Orange County is a nonprofit organization that provides programs to adults with severe and persistent psychiatric disorders. MHAOC is dedicated to improving the quality of life of Orange County residents impacted by mental illness through direct service, advocacy, education, and information dissemination.

MHAOC provides all of its services within the context of a "psychosocial rehabilitation philosophy". By addressing the practical and realistic elements of the needs of participants such as coping and life skills, socialization and relationship formation, housing, transportation, education, and employment, a supportive environment is created which encourages participants to make positive choices and experience growth.

MHAOC's services include:

  • Outpatient Recovery Centers

  • Psychosocial Consumer Clubhouses

  • Homeless Mentally Ill Multi-service Center

  • Wellness Center

  • Homeless Mentally Ill Outreach Team

  • Housing Services

  • Homeless Veterans Outreach Team

  • Back to Work Program

  • Hospital/Client Advocacy Services

  • SSI Benefits Outreach Team

  • Consumer Operated Thrift Store/Job Training Center

  • Orange County Task Force on Hoarding

The Mental Health Association of OC also provides a resource directory for many other available resources such as Medi-cal and Medicare, private insurance, substance use disorder treatment, tobacco cessation, etc.

To reach MHAOC's website directly, click here.

To get help with MHAOC's programs, click here.

For the Resource Directory, click here.


Oct 10, 2022

Thank you for showcasing resources specifically for the mentally ill. Life is pretty tough even for normally abled persons, but for people with physical or mental difficulties, everyday problems can seem insurmountable.


Ed Zappia
Ed Zappia
Oct 06, 2022

This is another informative and eye-opening story by ProjectWhy about all the available resources for homeless - and the astounding need for them.


Oct 06, 2022

Oh my goodness! Another amazing story about the resources available for individuals experiencing homelessness and mental illness.

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