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The Homeless Hub - COH

The Homeless Hub is an organization within The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness (COH), a non-partisan research and policy partnership between academics, policy and decision-makers, service providers, and people with lived experience of homelessness.

The work of the COH is organized into 8 research areas, each designed to involve cross-sectoral partnership and collaboration aimed at conducting and disseminating research for impact:

  • Understanding systems integration

  • Models of accommodation and support

  • Understanding Indigenous homelessness

  • Youth homelessness

  • The prevention of homelessness

  • Legal and justice issues

  • Measuring progress toward ending homelessness

  • Mobilizing research knowledge

However, COH acknowledges that research is not the only way to end homelessness. With this, The Homeless Hub is COH's platform to disseminate and share learning, best practices, and resources for individuals experiencing homelessness. It is the largest online homelessness research library in the world, housing over 30,000 resources. The Homeless Hub also has many other resources for anyone working, researching, or legislating on homelessness, such as several plain-language reports, tools, templates, and frameworks.

Some of The Homeless Hub's main "solution" sections are:

  • Homeless prevention

  • Ending homelessness

  • Accommodations & Support for homeless individuals

  • System Integration

  • Information on priority populations (families & children, LGBTQIA+ homeless, disabled homeless, etc.)

Other topics about homelessness covered on The Homeless Hub's website include:

  • Health

  • Mental Health

  • Substance Use & Addiction

  • Education, Training, & Employment

  • Legal & Justice Issues

  • Priority Populations

  • Service Provisions

The Homeless Hub also has many statistics on different areas within Canada. Here is the statistical information regarding homelessness in Vancouver, British Columbia as of 2020:

  • Total number of people experiencing homelessness: 3,634

  • Individuals experiencing chronic homelessness:74%

  • Individuals experiencing episodic homelessness:26%

  • Individuals experiencing sheltered homelessness:2,605

  • Individuals staying in emergency shelters:241

  • Individuals staying in a facility setting:192

  • Individuals staying in provisional accommodation:2,413

  • Individuals experiencing unsheltered homelessness: 1,029

  • Number of hidden homeless: Couch surfing: 180

  • Individuals identifying as youth: Age 24 and under: 9%

  • Individuals identifying as Indigenous: 33%

  • Individuals identifying as LGBTQ2S+:11%

  • Individuals identifying as female: 25%

  • Individuals identifying as male: 73%

To reach Homeless Hub's website directly, click here.

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