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We Hear You. 

Our Mission

To facilitate genuine empathy through understanding homeless people’s individual stories.

Your Voice.
Your Story.

Project WHY allows people experiencing homelessness to tell their stories about WHY they are where they are whilst simultaneously restoring humanity’s empathy toward homelessness in America. 

Unhoused & Unheard

Unhoused & Unheard is an extension of Project WHY, focusing on personal stories from our unhoused neighbors, categorized by the four most prominent causes of homelessness - catastrophic injuries, domestic violence, addiction, and mental illness. Also included are in-depth analyses of remarkable organizations that provide resources to our unhoused neighbors. Quotes from executives within these organizations provide readers with different perspectives on issues surrounding homelessness. The book is filled with insight from the teenage author’s experience and philosophies resulting in a fresh perspective on a most pressing societal issue.

100% of profits go directly to Project WHY's mission.

Unhoused & Unheard is a thoughtful, nuanced, insightful study of one of the most serious problems in America today - the growing epidemic of homelessness. This is a difficult topic for anyone to tackle, but for a girl of 15, it is simply astounding! It is NOT preachy, and has no political ax to grind. It simply explores the problem from multiple angles, drawing on detailed interviews and statistics, to sweep away many incorrect assumptions about people who end up homeless (yes, some are drug addicts, but most are NOT; many worked their whole lives & then suffered a life-changing injury that wiped out their savings). It also gathers helpful resources and insights from people who work with this population. The author showcases stories of real people who worked their way out of homelessness, which proves that homeless does not have to mean hopeless. This is an amazing project from an amazing person. For those of us losing faith in today's youth, look at what this teenager has done! I can't wait to see what she does next. Inspiring & eye-opening, on many levels. Bravo!

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