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The Project WHY Podcast

In honor of Project WHY's one-year anniversary, The Project WHY Podcast launched on July 4, 2023. Arielle Zappia created the podcast to be a complement to the personal stories on Project WHY's website. Here, she brings on different professionals in the field to discuss pressing topics surrounding homelessness. This makes Project WHY an all-encompassing educational resource, where people can learn about the experience of homelessness as well as how people & organizations work to end it. 

Available on all listening platforms.

Ep. 11
Veterans & Homelessness with Mia Roseberry

Arielle Zappia speaks with CEO and Founder of Wounded Warrior Homes, Mia Roseberry, on topics surrounding veterans experiencing homelessness and the importance of focusing on care for these individuals. They discuss how Wounded Warrior Homes was the first nonprofit organization in San Diego to help sober, homeless veterans.

Ep. 10
Changing the Narrative Around homelessness with Kevin Adler

Arielle Zappia speaks with CEO and Founder of Miracle Messages and Author of When We Walk By, Kevin Adler, on topics surrounding narrative change and its importance in addressing homelessness and de-stigmatizing individuals experiencing homelessness. They discuss how the narrative around homelessness has changed over the years and how it can continue to evolve through Project WHY, Miracle Messages, and other organizations. Kevin also introduces his new book, his motivations behind writing it, and the effects it has had on narrative change. 

Ep. 9
The Invisible Class with Josh Hayes

Today's episode is a specialty episode where Arielle Zappia speaks with Director, Cinematographer, and Editor, Josh Hayes, on his documentary about homelessness across the nation, The Invisible Class. They discuss the purpose of the film, how it was made, as well as the role film plays in addressing homelessness. 

Ep. 8
Housing & homelessness with Andrea Urton

Arielle Zappia speaks with the CEO of HomeFirst, Andrea Urton, on topics surrounding housing and its importance in ending homelessness for good. They discuss how housing not only provides our unhoused neighbors with a roof over their heads, but also yields the safety and security necessary for them to achieve mental stability.

Ep. 7
Case managers & homelessness with Rosa Conde

Arielle Zappia speaks with the Director of Programs at Grandma's House of Hope, Rosa Conde, on topics surrounding case management and its importance in helping individuals experiencing homelessness get back on their feet. They discuss the aspects of homelessness that case management addresses as well as what the process of case management entails.

Ep. 6
Huntsville & Homelessness with Randall Stanley

This episode is a specialty episode where Arielle Zappia speaks with the Executive Director at the North Alabama Coalition for the Homeless (NACH), Randall Stanley, on all things homelessness in Huntsville, Alabama. They discuss the demographics of homelessness in Huntsville as well as how NACH strategizes to provide the best resources to those experiencing homelessness in the area.

Ep. 5
Community Outreach & Homelessness With Jeff Conner

Arielle Zappia speaks with the Development Officer at Stepping Stone Emergency Housing, Jeff Conner, on topics surrounding community outreach and its importance in educating society on all areas of homelessness. They discuss the aspects of homelessness that community outreach addresses as well as how Stepping Stone EH carries out its outreach.

Ep. 4
ADdiction & Homelessness With Pam Presnall

Arielle Zappia speaks with the Director of Development & Community Education at the Mental Health Association of Orange County, Pam Presnall, on topics surrounding addiction and how it affects the homeless population. They discuss the connections between homelessness and addiction as well as how MHAOC aids individuals experiencing homelessness that struggle with addiction. 

Ep. 3
Women & Homelessness With Heidi Herrera

Arielle Zappia speaks with the Director of Programs at WISEPlace, Heidi Herrera, on the importance of supporting unaccompanied women experiencing homelessness. They discuss the difficulties that women face while homeless and how WISEPlace helps unaccompanied women experiencing homelessness get back on their feet. 

Ep. 2
Mental Health & Homelessness With David Paddision

Arielle Zappia speaks with the Project Coordinator at Connect-OC, David Paddison, about the effects of mental health on society as a whole, and specifically about how mental health connects to homelessness. They discuss how different mental health conditions contribute to the experience of homelessness as well as how the trauma from the homeless experience can lead to poor mental health.

EP 1. Relationships & Homelessness With Jenni Taylor

Arielle Zappia speaks with the General Manager of Miracle Messages, Jenni Taylor, on pressing topics surrounding relationships and homelessness. They discuss the importance of the role of relationships within the lives of our unhoused neighbors as well as how Miracle Messages aids in restoring the relationships of individuals experiencing homelessness through volunteer programs.

The Project WHY Podcast Trailer

This trailer was released one week before the podcast's launch. Listen & get a feel of what the podcast will be like!

The Project WHY Podcast Trailer Cover
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