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The Project WHY Podcast

In honor of Project WHY's one-year anniversary, The Project WHY Podcast launched on July 4, 2023. Arielle Zappia created the podcast to be a complement to the personal stories on Project WHY's website. Here, she brings on different professionals in the field to discuss pressing topics surrounding homelessness. This makes Project WHY an all-encompassing educational resource, where people can learn about the experience of homelessness as well as how people & organizations work to end it. 

The Project WHY Podcast - Relationships & Homelessness

EP 1. Relationships & Homelessness With Jenni Taylor

Arielle Zappia speaks with the General Manager of Miracle Messages, Jenni Taylor, on pressing topics surrounding relationships and homelessness. They discuss the importance of the role of relationships within the lives of our unhoused neighbors as well as how Miracle Messages aids in restoring the relationships of individuals experiencing homelessness through volunteer programs.

The Project WHY Podcast Trailer

This trailer was released one week before the podcast's launch. Listen & get a feel of what the podcast will be like!

The Project WHY Podcast Trailer Cover
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