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Statistics of Homelessness in Orange County's Shelters

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Stories will be posted soon, however, while you wait, here are some statistics from a homeless shelter in Orange County:

  • More than 80% of shelter clients report having a mental and/or physical disability, 72% report experiencing chronic homelessness (as defined by HUD), and 26% are survivors of domestic violence.

  • Homelessness, according to local and national studies, is most commonly a result of economic poverty. All clients are considered Very-Low Income or Extremely Low Income. 98% of clients meet the State of California's definition of extremely low-income (30% of area median income) and 87% of clients report income below the Federal Poverty Level.

  • Age Groups:

- 47% 45-64

- 35% 25-44

- 13% 65+

- 5% 16-24

  • Gender:

- 65% Male

- 35% Female

  • Race/Ethnicity

- 67% White, non-Hispanic

- 15% Hispanic/Latino

- 7% Black

- 3% Native American Indian, Indigenous peoples, or Alaska Native

- 3% Multiracial (Individuals that identify as two or more races)

- 2% Asian

- 2% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (NHOPI)

- 1% Not Tracked

Thank you to the Friendship Shelter for providing us with this information.

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