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Covenant House California - Youth Housing

The Covenant House California (CHC) is a non-profit youth shelter that provides shelter and support for youth experiencing homelessness, ages 18-24. They believe that "no young person deserves to be homeless; that every young person in California deserves shelter, food, clothing, education … and most importantly, to be loved." CHC provides a full continuum of services to meet the physical, emotional, educational, vocational, and spiritual well-being of young people, in order to provide them with the best chance for success in independence.

CHC has 4 primary services: CHC, Five Keys Charter School, Dreamcatcher Youth Services, and Precise Barber College. CHC Services focus on housing youth in 4 ways: Safe Haven, Rights of Passage, Supportive Apartments, and Hope 2 Opportunity. Safe Haven is CHC' emergency shelter program, where CHC immediately provides for youths’ basic human needs and urgent medical care. Participants receive a nutritious meal, take a shower with new personal care products, receive new clothes, and sleep in a warm, safe bed. They are then connected to supportive services that will help them thrive. Right of Passage is CHC's two-year on-site transitional living program. Youth live on campus healing from the trauma they suffered on the streets. They learn to save money and budget to pay rent, utilities, and other necessities. Youth with a higher level of life skills are placed into CHC's Supportive Apartment program, which provides financial assistance to youth living in off-campus apartments. During their stay, CHC provides a percentage of their rent until they can pay the full amount. Youth in this program are responsible for the rest of their bills and personal expenses are continue to have access to all of CHC’s supportive services. Finally, CHC's Hope 2 Opportunity program offers permanent housing supported by CHC for up to 24 months until the youth takes over.

CHC's Five Keys Charter School provides FREE adult education for anyone ages 16-96 residing in California wishing to obtain their GED, HiSET, or High School Diploma. CHC serves 15,000+ Californians annually at 70+ teaching sites, including 17 county jails spanning 14 counties. Similarly, CHC supports Precise Barber College, which prepares its students to pass the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Examination.

Finally, CHC's Dreamcatcher Youth Services' comprehensive constellation of programs is designed to serve at-risk youth in Alameda County by connecting them to stable housing, consistent resources, and community and peer support. Over 90% of youth who have been through DreamCatcher have moved directly into stable housing, further education, or employment.

To learn more about CHC, click here.

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