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Hunger at Home - Food Security

Hunger at Home is a nonprofit organization focused on collecting excess food and goods to distribute to the hungry and homeless through a robust nonprofit network. Its mission is to "deliver leading edge solutions that build food security and self-sufficiency for a healthier and more equitable Silicon Valley."

As of right now, Hunger at Home has donated 11 million meals locally and helped distribute much-needed items like towels, blankets, kitchen items, and hygiene kits through its 4 programs. These programs include food rescue, food distribution, Hunger at Home Connects, and Full Circle Catering. Through its business partnerships with convention centers, hotels, stadiums, and entertainment venues Hunger at Home channels extra food to homeless shelters and meal centers operated by its nonprofit partners (food rescue).

Hunger at Home also responds to food insecurity through food distribution. Through its network of talented chefs, passionate volunteers, and incredible partners, Hunger at Home makes sure that nutritious food gets to those facing food insecurity in our community. This program has become more robust following the Covid-19 pandemic, as 1 in 3 people in Silicon Valley are in need of food assistance.

Additionally, Hunger at Home Connects is a hospitality and culinary arts training program for community members, ages 17 and older, and clients from many of Hunger at Home's nonprofit partners. This program works to break the cycle of poverty and underemployment by providing professional and vocational training as well as job placement support to at-risk populations in our community.

Finally, Full Circle Catering & Events was founded as a social enterprise to aid Hunger at Home's mission of providing food to those suffering from food insecurity in our community. Proceeds from Full Circle go to help support other programs of Hunger at Home.

To reach Hunger at Home's website, click here.

To apply to Hunger at Home Connects, click here.

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Ed Zappia
Ed Zappia
Dec 25, 2023

It is always startling to be reminded of how many people live in such tragic circumstances in our society, but at least so many like ProjectWHY are doing something to help.

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