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Chrysalis - Changing Lives Through Jobs

In honor of Labor Day, today's resource will be Chrysalis! Chrysalis is a nonprofit organization that helps people prepare for, find, and keep jobs. Through individualized case management, an evolving job-readiness program, and providing access to an array of supportive services, Chrysalis helps clients overcome their barriers to reconnecting to the workforce. They also provide paid transitional employment to ensure that their clients are stable whilst trying to find a suitable career path. Chrysalis' mission is to empower clients on their pathway to stability, security, and fulfillment in their work and lives. Their philosophy is that "a steady job is a key step in a person’s transition out of poverty and onto a pathway to self-sufficiency." Chrysalis’ core employment services are designed to meet clients where they are and support them during every phase of their self-directed job search.

More of Chrysalis' free services include:

  • One-on-one support from an Employment Specialist

  • Job search toolkit & employment preparation classes

  • Tips on addressing convictions with employers

  • Resume writing services & practice interviews

  • Online application assistance

  • Computer lab & telephone access

  • Professional attire & hygiene items

  • Transitional employment opportunities

  • Referrals to community partners

Chrysalis' Population:

  • 100% of clients are low-income

  • 69% are unstably housed

  • 56% have been affected by the criminal justice system

Another great feature of Chrysalis is that they post client success stories, called "Success Bells," to inspire and motivate current & future clients on their pathway to success! Their three most recent Success Bells are from Damien, Laura, & Daniel. Click on each link to read about their experiences with Chrysalis' program.

In order to be eligible for Chrysalis' program, there are only a few requirements one needs to meet. Primarily, applicants should be ready, willing, and able to begin their job search. Applicants also need to have two forms of identification, if possible, and either an active phone number or an email to maintain contact with their Employment Specialist. Finally, all applicants need to attend an in-person or virtual orientation in order to ensure their readiness for the program.

To learn more about Chrysalis, click here.

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Ed Zappia
Ed Zappia
2022년 9월 13일

I would never had known the extent of resources available for homeless. Another great story with great information Arielle/ProjectWhy!


2022년 9월 08일

What a terrific resource (& i love the name)! Steady employment is CRITICAL in creating a stable LIFE. There are many jobs that do not require decades of education, and Chrysalis can help you get them. Thank you for showcasing such a useful resource!


2022년 9월 08일

Oh my goodness!! This is such an amazing resource and the success bells remind me so much of project why’s goal to inspire others!!

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